Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love paying bills.

Before I explain the above header - I'll give you a brief introduction:

Tommy and I don't handle our money "normally" by the world's view.
We have no debt. No car notes, no student loans, no credit cards, no mortgage, nothing.
I don't even think I, personally, have a credit score.

I contribute a lot of the above to the wonderful example both of our parents have set for us, how much they've provided, and also to God. Along with the knowledge we've been given - it has taken a lot of dedication and commitment from us personally since we've been married.

I would say we are far from the average 21 and 24 year olds when it comes to handling money. 
Which is something that we take a lot of pride in.

We firmly believe that "The borrower is slave to the lender." (Prov. 22:7) and that "our" money is really a gift from God and it is our job to "manage" it for him - not spend it for ourselves. 

So, on to my actually post,

The other day, a colleague was complaining to me about her massive amounts of student loans, her car payment, etc. -- typical things people I hear from people who are over their heads in debt. But then she said something that strangely bothered me more than I expected, "...and to top it ALL off I have to pay my stupid rent AND electric bill on Monday!"

I realize that this is a common attitude. I mean, no one LIKES to pay bills right?
The more I thought about it later that day I realize why it bothered me. I love paying bills.

Here's my view:

#1 - Every single bill I pay is for something that adds value to my life.

Whether it's rent, cable, electricity, internet, life insurance, car insurance, whatever -- it's for something I wanted and/or needed and personally used. 

I don't have bills for things I don't want or need. If I had to pay a bill each month for a subscription to a woodworker's magazine that I never received/read - yeah I'd be mad. But I live in my house, I watch my TV, I enjoy my electricity, use my internet, etc. - they make my life more enjoyable in my opinion so I am happy to pay for them just as if I was happy to pay for a night out to dinner with my husband.

#2 - I control what bills I have. If I ever hated paying the cable bill; duh, I'd cancel cable! You don't "have" to have cable. If I ever hated paying rent; I'd move home/to a smaller and more affordable place.

I think that too many people in our generation of "entitlement" are selfish. 

Every time I pay a bill - not only do I do it gladly, but I do it with gratitude. 
Gratitude to whoever provided the service/goods.
But most importantly: Gratitude to God for providing us with the income that we have.

So that's my view. 
If you find yourself dreading pay bills every month, here's my two pieces of advice:

1. Evaluate what bills you have and determine if everything you are paying for is something that adds value to your life. Example: How much do you really WATCH your TV? $60 worth? $20 worth? $100 worth??

2. If you there are bills that you consistent cringe over when paying them -- ask yourself WHY.

Is it because of the amount? Because you are "missing out" on doing something else with the money? This is where having a budget is EXTREMELY important in helping you determine how your money is spent (which is a whole different post). 

Is it just because you feel like the "norm" is have a negative attitude about it versus being grateful for what you have?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

little moment for the day

Today, Evelyn confirmed how amazing of a big sister she is going to be.

After our walk, I was leaning on the couch while Tommy rubbed my back. She promptly came over and after observing the situation for a minute, laid her beloved "frog man" next to my hand and helped her daddy rub my back.

My heart melted.
My 17 month old daughter gave me her FROGMAN! 
[cue emotional pregnant woman tears!]

But seriously, how incredible is it that even though she is so young she already feels compassion for others?

I love being a mom.
Kissing the baby :)