Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I Didn't Get For Mother's Day

I didn’t have breakfast in bed
I didn’t sleep in and I wasn’t greeted with “Happy Mother’s Day” when I woke up
I didn’t get a lavish present, a homemade gift, bouquet of flowers, or even a card
I didn’t get to take the day off from cooking, cleaning, or laundry
I didn’t go to the salon or the spa and get pampered
I didn’t get a pedicure
I didn’t have the whole day to relax or sit around in my sweatpants and watch movies
I didn’t get an afternoon nap
I didn’t get a day off from changing diapers, giving baths, or nursing
I didn’t get to shower or take a long bath

But I did get to spend the day with two perfectly healthy, happy kids
Two kids who completely rock my world and make me strive to be the best I can in life
Two kids who remind me how perfect God’s plan is and how He provides for us
Two kids who never judge me, pressure me, or even ask me to apologize when I mess up
Two kids who have taught me patience, love, and that it’s okay to not be perfect

I would say, it was a good Mother's Day!

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